Jeeeeez !!!! Long list of celebrities Claudia Jordan allegedly slept with.

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For those who don’t know her, Claudia Jordan is a reality TV personality and Real Housewives of Atlanta star. Some mischievous ‘person'(s) yesterday released a list of her alleged sexual conquests and the list is making its way around the internet. They allege that the 41 year old even slept with some of these celebrity men when they were married. Is the list Genuine? Nobody knows really but Claudia hasn’t said anything about it yet. How true is this ?

Meet Ice Prince’s new girlfriend, French-Ghanaian beauty, Maima

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All these foreign women just taking all our eligible bachelors, Ice Prince hardly flaunts the women in his life but if he’s doing this now, then this lady must be special. The rapper has posted two pics of himself with his new ladylove on instagram. Well Her name is Maima and she’s mixed race, French-Ghanaian. They were friends for about a year and started dating recently. congrats to them